Street transportation
Leszek Wróblewski

NIP: PL8510304424

ul. Dolomitów 2
71-784 Szczecin (Poland)

As a family business founded in 1982, we focus on national and international road transport. Our recipe for success is the high standard of our work and the continuous expansion of our fleet.

We mainly carry cargo and pallet loads, but also offer our service when moving within of Poland and Europe.

In addition to the necessary certificates and licenses, we offer a fast, flexible and reliable work. Of course we are happy to answer your questions personally. To do so, our contact area. We respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.

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Leszek Wróblewski
Phone/FAX (+48 91) 812 65 85
Mobile (+48) 601 700 221

Sylwester Dzwonkowski
Mobile (+48) 601 705 221

Grzegorz Wróblewski
Mobile (+48) 601 687 221